“It’s a marathon, not a sprint”

As it turns out, looking for a position at a public library takes much longer than one would imagine. I am still waiting (and they’re still evaluating) from places I’ve applied to in late May and early June.

I recently attended a webinar sponsored by LLAMA on applying for library jobs and they indicated that it usually takes between two and four months to go through the process, whether it be having a job at the end or receiving a polite rejection letter or email.

I’d really like the opportunity to be invited for more interviews simply because it’ll be good practice, but even more so to increase my morale. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works so morale needs to be found in other venues.

Other things I’m working on to increase my morale? This blog! And actually making use of my Goodreads account. A great way to prepare for upcoming interviews is to organize your Goodreads books in categories that match with what position you’re applying for. Children’s librarian interview? No problem! I’ve got my children’s books organized on Goodreads. (In actuality, I have not done this yet, but it’s still great advice)

Please feel free to share any librarian job search or interview/interview prep stories in the comments; it can only help me!

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